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Skating progression:
Tiny Tots/Kids Beginner age 4 to 7
Beginner – Youth (8-14), Adult Beginner (15+)
Elementary – Youth (7 – 14), Adult (15+)
Basic – Youth (7 – 14), Adult (15+)
Novice 1 – Youth (7 – 14), Adult (15+)
Novice 2 – Youth (7 – 14), Adult (15+)
Advanced – Youth (7 – 14), Adult (15+)
Proficiency +

Term 4 Classes

The following classes are available to book.

Powerskating 3 – Advanced

Powerskate classes are high-energy conditioning classes. On-ice agility and strength are foundational to good figure skating, and these classes are intended to […]

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Private Figure Skating Lessons

Our coaches currently have a long waitlist for private lessons. Private lesson arrangements are made directly with the coaches themselves – WFSC don’t operate an allocation or waitlist system.

Please note: Private lesson availability is entirely at the coaches’ discretion. As much as we’d all love to skate full-time, all our coaches have regular jobs, as well as families and lives outside of skating. They won’t be able to accommodate all requests for private lessons.